Create your Regens Unite Wallet

1. Download the Citizen Wallet  

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

2. Join the “Regens Unite Community”


Create a wallet in your browser

1 RGN = €2

Top up at the check-in table

(with cash or credit card)


How to use the Regens Unite Token (RGN)?

During Regens Unite Berlin, we invite everyone to start selling and buying regenerative goods and services to the community using the Regens Unite Token.

How to buy the Regens Unite Token?

Come to the entrance at the check in table.

You can pay with cash, wire transfer, or your credit card (with SumUp).

1 RGN = €2

You can ask to receive the RGN token on paper or directly on your phone.

How to use the paper version?

Just use it. You will be able to redeem it for RGN tokens after the event by scanning the QR code on it (from Sunday September 17th and before the end of 2023).

How to use the digital version?

Just open on your phone (or scan this QR code), it will automatically create a wallet for you ready to go.

Come to the check in table at the entrance to top up your wallet.

How to save my wallet?

The wallet is unique to your phone and is stored in the unique URL created for you. So just bookmark the page to make sure you do not lose it (or send yourself its unique URL). Don’t stress about it, it will automatically recover your wallet if you go back to that URL within 7 days.

You can also download the native app on the App Store or Google Play Store (and create a new wallet or import the wallet you already have created in your browser).

How to be paid in RGN?

Nothing special to do. It’s permissionless :-)

Create a wallet on your phone by scanning the QR code above and tap on “receive”. You can set the amount (optional).

Just keep the paper version in your pocket or in your physical wallet. Then don’t forget to redeem them after the event (by scanning them).

What can I do with my RGN tokens?

You can buy regenerative goods and services at any of the Regens Unite events.

How to redeem RGN to euros?

After the event, you can redeem your RGN (paper or digital) for euros (minus a 10% fee for the community budget managed by Regens Unite DAO). Just come see us in person and we will give you cash or make a wire transfer or send us an email to (we are still working on an automated way to do that).