How might we regen our local economy?

Join us in exploring this topic with people who have created local currencies in various communities.

Wednesday March 27th, 730-930pm CET.


This call will be facilitated and everyone is invited to actively participate.

Who is this for?

For anyone interested in developing a local or community currency. Whether you are someone technical, a shop owner, into economics or just a citizen that wants to contribute to regenerate your local economy, feel very welcome to join us.


Here are some interesting resources to dig into to prepare (feel free to add some more!)




Docs and slides




  • Regens Unite
  • CELO (via Citizen Wallet)

Support this initiative

Please reach out if you’d like to support this initiative (or give directly to our collective or send crypto on giveth or directly to regensunite.eth).

Resource persons to invite

Feel free to add names

  • Brett Scott
  • Diana Finch (Bristol Pound)
  • Garrick (
  • Payu Harris (MazaCoin)
  • Scott Morris (Ithaca Hours / Ithaca Cash)
  • Patrick (
  • Paul, Bill (
  • Grace Rachmany (
  • Will Ruddick


Feb 22: Regens Unite Community Call

Josh Spector: Portland, organise RU style events. Community space with various organisations, mostly not crypto at all. I want to help shape the economy in Portland. Many organisations but in their own silos. They are all doing different parts of a regenerative system. Need to unite them. Collaborate. I want to be a catalyst for this.

Jeremy: Amsterdam, connect multiple communities, starting with community currencies, it’s time for this one to sprout. Solidarity Economy. Will’s work with grassroots economics. How can create / share resources without measuring. Exchange my training for liberating structures, for other people’s expertise.

Notes CashUpton